Call Us (312) 978-7870

Call Us (312) 978-7870


Chicago Post Surgical Recovery has a team of highly trained and qualified nurses and licensed nurse's assistants that are ready to assist you throughout your entire stay.

All staff have had extensive training to recognize any post-op complications quickly. Chicago Post Surgical Recovery are all certified for CPR by the American Heart Association.

Yes! Our services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or care.

Payments MUST be paid by Credit Card or our Business Zelle Account.

Realistically you will not be ready to adequately take care of yourself before 24-48 hours. On average for any procedure.

If you have an emergency, question, medical issue, or complication, please contact your surgeon or call 911.

Unfortunately, CPSR can not and will not evaluate these situations after checkout. We strongly advise a higher level of care if needed.

At Chicago Post Surgical Recovery we try to accommodate last-minute bookings, but we cannot guarantee availability due to high demand. If you need to extend services, please do not hesitate to notify us as soon as possible.

No, We will assist you with a meal plan that is based on doctor's recommendations period. We ask that you provide food to your liking.

Let us know if you have allergies.

We provide post-op transportation to the 1st post-op visit, surgery day pick-up, and prescriptions. We provide post-op transportation to the 1st post-op visit due to majority of Chicagoland surgeons seeing patients within 1 week.

Additional rides may be purchased depending on current transportation schedule on that day. Please inquire about additional rides upon booking.

Please be advised additional transportation is not guaranteed.

We do not provide transportation 20 miles outside of our radius.

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