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Post Cosmetic Surgical Recovery
Mobile Services

We are here to provide you with the type of post-surgical care you want and deserve.

Mobile Recovery Services

We come to you. Our professionals at Chicago Post Surgical Recovery are here to provide you with the type of post-surgery care that you want and deserve. There is nothing more convenient than having someone come to your location to make sure you are receiving the best post-surgery care. Our Mobile Recovery Services that are offered through Chicago Post Surgical Recovery allows you to customize your individual post-surgical care and recovery process.

While it is the most refreshing and ultimate experience imaginable with around-the-clock care, not everyone requires or wants to stay at the facility. We are proud to offer the best mobile recovery services in Chicago.

Our Mobile Recovery Services are your best option for post surgery care in Chicago.

Our Mobile Recovery Services allow you to choose between Airbnb or Hotel to provide you with recovery services. We service the entire Chicagoland area with additional mileage charges applying to those outside of the 20 mile radius of the city.
It is highly recommended that you have 24-hour, around-the-clock care immediately following your surgical procedure. Book your mobile recovery services through Chicago Plastic Surgery Recovery.

Take The First Step On Your Recovery Journey

We fully understand that the surgical procedure is just the beginning step in the journey to wellness.
You need someone by your side to oversee your healing process while also providing you with the utmost care In a relaxing atmosphere.

Chicago Post Surgical Recovery specializes in the following recoveries include:

• Gynecomastia Recovery
• Body Sculpting Recovery
• Liposuction Recovery
• BBL- Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery
• Breast Augmentation, Lift, Recovery
• Mommy Makeover Recovery
• Tummy Tuck Recovery
• Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery
• Facelift Recovery
• Rhinoplasty Recovery
• Labiaplasty Recovery
• Labia-Majora Plasty Recovery

Chicago Post Surgical Recovery

Our professional care-giving services that come to you include:

•Vital Monitoring / Medical Reminders
•Faja, Robe and Gown Washing
•Meal Prep Assistance
•Showering Assistance
•Dressing Assistance Ambulatory Assistance
•Drain Monitoring & Maintenance Logs
•Mental & Emotional Support
•Doctor Discharge Instructions Review
•Post-Op Education
•Post Op Service Provider Recommendations

Our Mobile Recovery Services are ideal for locals. It also works very well for those who are traveling with one companion who will stay close throughout the recovery process. Let us come to you to provide you with the pampering and surgical after-care you require. It is our Number One concern that you receive the care you need regardless of the location you choose. Let us come to you to serve you when you need it most.

Let us serve you by coming to where you are with the help and post-surgery assistance you require. We will get you to and from a daily massage, to post-op appointments, and pick up or drop off prescriptions for you. Our certified caregiver will help you with any difficulty you may have getting dressed and will provide you with the necessary wound care as well as monitor your vital statistics following surgery and throughout your recovery process.

Our professionals are ready to come to you with our Mobile Recovery Services that are custom fit to meet every post-surgery care need and doctor’s orders. Let us help you recover promptly anywhere throughout the Chicago area. Contact us today to set up your personalized mobile recovery.

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